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Introducing the Murphy NEXT BED™. The most modern and efficient designed wall bed the business has seen yet. The development of this new product is inspired by the growth of the Murphy WallBed business and the industry’s need for a better designed bed system.


Growth in Europe strongly indicated that there was a need for a simple bed mechanism with a slatted mattress base. Our associates of Murphy WallBeds in the USA, Europe and Asia decided to create a global product that would retain many of the features of the old Murphy Bed but offer the user a vastly improved and more comfortable sleep system. Nothing had been done to improve or re-think the 100 year old Murphy concept to bring it into modern light - until now! What for decades was an iron contraption bolted to the floor with a flimsy mattress foundation and cheap materials now has an engineering and aesthetic make-over:

Welcome NEXT BED™ the new global product.


The Next Bed is uniquely different to the other wall beds, as the bifold doors have been creatively designed to fold back across the shelving but still allowing access to the shelves.  The Next Bed has many options as it comes with fixed or adjustable standard size shelving and bifold doors, or with no shelves allowing the bi-fold doors to open out onto the sides of the cabinetry, or it is availabe as a mechanism only.  The bed is fixed to the floor or skirting board as a stand-alone bed or it can be fitted into an existing wardrobe or cabinet.  Straps are securely fitted to the bed to ensure the mattress and linen remain in place when the bed is folded away.  The Next Bed is available in a selection of melamine colours and textures to suit your decor and can be installed by us (priced separately) or availabe as a DIY flat pack.  The NextBed is available in Single, Double or Queen.  Mattress sold separately.  

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