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The Studio Desk is the perfect solution when you want to add a study or an office to your room without having to compromise on floor space or utilise another room within your home.  The Studio Desk is a very simple addition to your Wall Bed that is extremely functional and practical. The Desk is designed to accommodate your laptop and stationary items which can be left in place when you are ready to use your Wall Bed.  Simply work at your desk, leave all your items including your laptop in place and fold down the Wall Bed.  The next day fold up the Wall Bed and simply resume your study or work.  It's like you never left!  


The Studio Desk option is available in all sizes of the Murphy Alpha Wall Bed, in the Vertical orientation only. The Alpha Studio Desk is available in Single, Double, Queen and King. The Studio Desk can also be retrofitted to your existing Alpha Wall Bed.


The Studio Desk is a fantastic and innovative concept where you do not need to compromise on space, functionality and practicality.  


Studio Desk - $440.00 (supply) available in all of the Vertical models for the Alpha Bed.

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Introducing the Studio desk